Socialized Sophistication

Palladian Hall is part of The Treasury, a space that utilizes the Onondaga County Savings Bank which is part of the National Register of Historical Places. This unparalleled area is built on the foundation of history and pays homage to its roots. The elaborate design style is carried through to Palladian Hall, an extraordinary and elegant on-site event space.

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Palladian Hall event space in Syracuse NY

The Best Kept Secret 

Overlooking Clinton Square in the heart of downtown Syracuse, Palladian Hall is the unique event space you have been looking for. Host any private event in this grand ballroom featuring a mezzanine, ornate walls, and vaulted ceilings that will take your guests’ breath away. 

event space with large ballroom and high ceilings

Historic Charm Made Modern

Palladian Hall is a peek into the past and allows you to escape in the beauty and embrace local history, making the experience magical and fulfilling, convenient and contemporary.